Talkado Token Review, How To Buy, Contract Address

Talkado Token is a community-driven, automated hyper deflationary, effortless, and frictionless Using the power of Defi and Smart Contract to support the fight against climate change and humanitarian crises around the globe

Unraveling Talkado’s breathtaking features

No needless manual Farming and staking, just hold Talkado coin in your wallet and see your coin quantity multiply in number. 30% of 10% tax on every transaction will be redistributed to all coin holders

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Talkado is a community experimentation project. The community members who are Coin holders will be given the power to decide the fate of the ecosystem through voting.

Talkado is created to auto send 10% of the 10% tax placed on every transaction to Crusher Machine. This will reduce the quantity over time and directly manage deflation. 70% of Total Supply has been Crushed/Burnt

Talkado will maintain robust liquidity by sending 90% of the fund from PreSale to be locked on pancake swap for an initial 10years. 40% of the 10% tax to support liquidity on every Talkado transactions.

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Talkado major goal is to support the fight against Climate Change and Humanitarian Crises Globally. That is why Talkado is maintaining this charity wallet to receive 20% of the 10% tax placed on every transaction

Talkado NFT Marketplace

Talkado Multivendor Marketplace will present a new and completely unique direction in collecting NFTs. The single point where creators, buyers, and sellers will be able to come together to trade NFTs. Talkado Coin will be used to make payments, rewards, and incentives in the marketplace.

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Our aim is to develop a global hub for buyers and sellers, create a system that will supercharge the Talkado Ecosystem


70% of the total coin created was sent to the Crusher Machine to activate the Hyper-Deflationary Mechanism. That means activation of Talkado coin scarcity from day one. All Unsold coin after the SALES will be sent to locked Treasury

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