MetaDoge Price (Review And Contract Address)

MetaDoge Review 

2021 has seen the explosion of tens of thousands of community driven coins hitting the market, yet, only a small percentage actually achieve rewarding their investors.

This is generally due to low barrier entry requirements to create your own coin, simply put, you don’t need to know what you’re doing to create a coin but you do, however, have to have experience in getting the project out there – this is what our team does best.

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About  MetaDoge


The team is made up of an experienced group with a strong BSC development and marketing background.

How can I purchase MetaDoge?

You can purchase MetaDoge on Pancakeswap 👉 here. We recommend using 12% slippage.

MetaDoge Telegram

You can speak to the team in our Telegram group 👉 here. If you have a business or partnership proposal you can email us at 👉

Are the team doxxed?

Currently no, we have however completed a KYC at an industry-level as part of the requirements of some of our partnerships.

What can I do to help?

Spread the word and HODL 👌  Whilst the token & its utility is being actively developed, all good tokens rely on their community for support.

Are you listed on any Exchanges?

We are currently in discussions with LBank, so join our Telegram, follow our Twitter and bookmark this website to stay updated!

MetaDoge Contract Address


MetaDoge NFT Minting

1303+/1500 Season 1 NFTs Minted

Join Metadoge and his friends as they explore the Metaverse.

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Get one of your favourite four-legged friends now, in our brand new loot boxes. Maybe you will get lucky and take home one of our legendary NFTS? The options available are common, uncommon, rare, epic and legendary. If you find you are no longer able to care for yours, you can find it a good home by listing it on our marketplace.

The estimated staking APY for each category are as follows:
Legendary – Drop Chance 1% – APY 750%
Epic – Drop Chance 5% – APY 500%
Rare – Drop Chance 10% – APY 375%
Uncommon – Drop Chance 34% – APY 312,5%
Common – Drop Chance 50% – APY 250%.

Below are the MetaDoge NFTs and all their drop chances with staking multipliers


Name:                Meta Hoge

Rarity:                  Common

Staking Multiplier:   1

Series:                     Legends

APY:             250%

Drop Chance:    50%

Name:                Silver Astro

Rarity:                     Common

Staking Multiplier:    1

Series:                        Legends

APY:                           250%

Drop Chance:            50%

Name:                       Meta Samo

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Rarity:                         Uncommon

Staking Multiplier:     1.25

Series:                        Legends

APY:                            312.5%

Drop Chance:              34%

Name:                        Golden Astro

Rarity:                          Uncommon

Staking Multiplier:       1.25

Series:                          Legends

APY:                             312.5%

Drop Chance:              34%

Name:                         Meta Floki

Rarity:                          Rare

Staking Multiplier:       1.5

Series:                          Legends

APY:                             375%

Drop Chance:               10%

Name:                           Meta Kishu

Rarity:                           Rare

Staking Multiplier:        1.5

Series:                           Legends

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APY:                               375%

Drop Chance:                 10%

Name:                            Doge

Rarity:                              Epic

Staking Multiplier:           2

Series:                            Legends

APY:                                500%

Drop Chance:                 5%

Name:                           Meta Shiba

Rarity:                            Epic

Staking Multiplier:        2

Series:                         Legends

APY:                         500%

Drop Chance:          5%

Name:                   Meta Doge

Rarity:                     Legendary

Staking Multiplier:  3

Series:                      Legends

APY:                         750%

Drop Chance:           1%


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