Kroger VPN

Kroger VPN

Kroger VPN is an Instant Virtual Extranet that gives remote access to all the employees. is the CDC which Employees of Kroger and associates can manage and update their personal information . This CDC helps employees access official website to communicate internally between multiple office locations.

Kroger typically uses a VPN to enable remote employees to access internal applications and data, create a single shared internal network between multiple office locations. It is an encrypted connection between users and servers.

How To Login into Kroger VPN?

You can enter CDC of Kroger’s VPN specially designed for employees of Kroger. The intention is to allow access to employees easily as is a safe and secure website. By following the below steps, proceed to log-in to the CDC.

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Hover to Kroger VPN smoothly.

Here is the URL.

Next, you have to choose one profile from the below.

    • Enterprise
    • Two-Factor
    • Vendor
    • KrogerSSLVPN
    • Vendor-IPsec

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You will be asked to enter your Employee User ID followed by password.

Enter your Login credentials

Proceed to Login button.

On the successful validation on CDC, page redirects to Employee dashboard

You can do this process from workplace or home.

Now employee can manage their own personal information in the CDC itself without HR requirement for updation.

Kroger VPN Forgot User ID or Password ?

If you are working employee of Kroger and forgot your account password, now reset by following the below steps

  • Visit Kroger VPN’s CDC.
  • Click on the “ Forgot Your Password ? ” just below the login button.
  • Enter the User-ID and Tap on submit the button
  • The instructions will be sent to the registered email address.
  • Follow the link sent to your recovery email and set strong password.
  • Now continue to log in again
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Kroger VPN

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