inSure DeFi Token Review, Contract Address

InSure DeFi Network aims to provide stability to the crypto world, protecting investors from scams, stolen funds and drastic devaluations of crypto portfolios.

Is inSure DeFi Legit? why you should choose inSure DeFi

Dynamic Premiums Pricing & Fast Transactions

Dynamic Pricing model is used to calculate the insurance premium (please see whitepaper for more information) inSure is running on Ethereum 2.0 Main Net. Currently, the average transaction time is close to 30 sec. When Ethereum 2.0 will be released we are expecting 2-3 sec per transaction.

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NFT and Crypto Portfolio Insurances – Technical Capabilities

SURE token is supported by all the ERC20 wallets and can be exchanged/swapped on any major DEXs or CEXs. Please check the list on the page ‘Exchanges). inSure NFTs will be released in the nearest future.

Chainlink Integrated – Secure and Reliable

Immutable transactions and traceability provide the best security without compromising privacy. The reliable Chainlink’s historical data is used to calculate VIX and ATR volatility indexes per trading pair.

inSure DAO Voting & 24/7 Support

We are developing smart operations to enable a crypto-insurance system that provides support wherever and whenever you need it. Any SURE holder can join inSure DAO voting on the disputes and roadmap updates.

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How inSure DeFi Work

Acquire SURE tokens

In order to insure your crypto portfolio, you simply need to purchase/acquire SURE tokens from available exchanges.

Insurance will be enabled after 7 days of placing SURE tokens into your private wallet.

SURE tokens have to be in Ethereum chain.

Please refrain from storing your SURE tokens on centralized exchanges. In order to process the insurance claim, you will need to create a proposal on Snapshot (Please see “Submit Request”) with your wallet that holds ERC20 SURE.

Stake SURE on Uniswap by Contributing to Liquidity Pool and still be insured (Insurance policy is valid when you use your SURE tokens to contribute to the LP)

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inSure DeFi Contract Address

Bsc; 0x9b17baadf0f21f03e35249e0e59723f34994f806

Eth: 0xcb86c6a22cb56b6cf40cafedb06ba0df188a416e

Pos: 0xf88332547c680f755481bf489d890426248bb275


inSure DeFi Contact






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