How to write a cheque

How to write a cheque In Canada Quick Guide

How to write a cheque in Canada may seem like an antiquated form of payment, but it is still used by many people today. Whether you are writing a cheque to pay rent, give someone a gift, or settle an invoice, understanding the basics is essential. In this blog post, we’ll provide an overview of how to write a cheque and the essential steps to take when doing so.

Steps To How to write a cheque in Canada

The first step in writing a cheque is filling out the date line. Write the date in full format (day/month/year), as this will help avoid confusion and disputes with banks and other financial institutions.

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Next, you will need to fill out the “Pay To” line with the name of the person or organization to that you are making the payment. Make sure that all names are spelled correctly so that your funds get into the right hands! If there is not enough space on this line for all of the recipient’s information, you can use additional lines below or simply write “or order” after their name on this line.

Once you have completed these two steps, it’s time to fill out the amount box at the bottom of the cheque. Start by writing out your payment in words (e.g. one hundred sixty-six dollars and fifty cents). This helps ensure accuracy when transferring money between accounts and prevents fraudsters from changing your intended payment amount. Next, enter your payment amount numerically in the box below (i.e.: 166.50). It’s important to make sure both amounts match up!

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Finally, sign off on your cheque in order to authorize it – typically in blue or black ink. Make sure that it is legible so that there’s no confusion over who confirmed it! You can also add any notes or messages under your signature if needed; however, be aware that anyone receiving your payment may be able to read them as well! Once you have completed all of these steps, put your cheque in an envelope and mail it off – easy as that!


Writing a cheque may seem daunting at first glance but with some practice and patience- it doesn’t have to be! By following these simple tips and ensuring accuracy at every step along the way- you can efficiently write a cheque without any hassle or worry about incorrect payments being made from your account. So go ahead- give it a try- and see just how easy it really is! Good luck!

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