How to Use Lifting Straps

How to Use Lifting Straps

The importance of weight lifting straps cannot be overemphasized, if you are a gym enthusiast, construction worker, or an intending one you can rely on this article guide on how to use lifting straps the right way, as you can use lifting straps to lift some heavy weights around your yard. it helps make lifting heavy things a lot easier job.

About Lifting Straps

Lifting Straps are a newly invented method of moving heavy-weight items from one place to another without needing external help, not just that lifting straps are mostly used in the gym to lift weights comfortably as it helps you lift items with ease. Using lifting straps enables you to grip any amount of weight without discomfort, pain, slipping, or tugging. Straps decrease the stress of heavy deadlifts, snatches, and pulls. They can be a good idea during a period where you want to let the arms recover. they can also be used once in a while to be able to handle a greater volume of heavy work with less harmful effect

How to Use Lifting Straps

Lifting Straps which can sometimes be called wrist straps, if you have never used them can be confused for another thing entire, mere looking at a lift strap, you can’t entirely tell what it’s used for, I won’t blame cause myself at the first attempt of using a lift strap while working out in the gym, I did not do in properly as this defiles the main aim of even using the lift straps as it’s simply used to ease the muscles pulls that come from lifting heavy objects on a relax mode.

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If you use lifting straps or wrist straps the wrong way, the pains you were trying to avoid won’t be avoidable defiling the main purpose of using lifting straps.

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Lift Straps is usually made from heavy-duty cotton, lifting straps have different type of ways uses the most common use for lifting straps is for heavy-duty liftings like deadlifts or other pulling exercises that work your traps (workouts like lat pulldowns and rows).

  1. Select one end of the strap and place it on the bar
  2. Wrap the excess material in a twisting motion around the bar
  3. You can leave excess material hanging after one rotation around the barbell
  4. To tighten, cinch the strap so it has a snug fit on the barbell
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Waist straps

  1. Wrap the loose end in the intended item
  2. Tie the hand ends on your left hand, and do the same on the right hand using the left hand
  3. Waist strap the wais end on your waist
  4. To tighten, cinch the strap so it has a snug fit on the item

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Safety Tips

You will want to ensure you cinch the straps and wrap it around the barbell. This is to help keep your wrist and hand tight to the barbell. One of the most common errors people make is that they leave the strap loose, which doesn’t provide the support and grip you’re looking for. Failing to do this can actually hurt your hand/wrist by not properly securing the straps.

Tabular differences

I decided to also write about strapping the waist strap, as it has different loose ends and straps gear from the conventional straps, while they are not much difference between the two, it can be confusing if it’s your first time using any of the two. Below is a tabular difference between the conventional straps and the waist traps.

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Conventional Straps Waist Straps
1.       Comes with no straps clips  Come with 1 or 2 straps clips
2.       Can only be worn on the wrist with no clips but a zip clock adjuster Just like the name suggest, the waist straps can be worn on both hand and waist, which mainly come with straps clips
3.       Has many zip clock adjuster, which in my opinion replaces the need for straps clips Comes with only few zip clock adjuster, which can only be found tightening the straps clips
4.       Always shot Always longer than usual
5.       Doesn’t need a waist rise efforts Need a waist rise effect
6.       The weight rest on the wrist The weight rest on the waist



I would have loved to talk more about the type of lift straps as they are many waist straps and I have just listed only two and differentiated them, at the end of the day, lift straps are important tools made so we can independently move heavy items whether easily. Lift straps can be gotten in different colors cotton sizes and more depending on what you want or what you find convenient enough.

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