How To Buy Airtime And Data With Crypto On Binance

How To Buy Airtime and Data  With Crypto On Binance

How to Top Up Your Mobile Phone (9mobile, Airtel, GLO, MTN) With BUSD On Binance.

This the recent update which will help you no how to buy airtime or mobile data from binance just as we buy from our bank another outlets.

Full Guide How to buy airtime and data with crypto on binance

Before we get started you need to open a binance account if you don’t have one you can open one here

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If you  are using binance before just login to your mobile app and update to latest binance version on playstore

After you update your binance app open the app login swap down, after you swap down you will see market place from the market  place you will

How to buy airtime And data with crypto on binance see gift card, binance live mobile top up and lots more chose mobile top up to use mobile top up

How to buy airtime And data with crypto on binance

After you chose mobile top up it will take you to coinsbee website where you will chose country and mobile number

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Nigeria Is the default country input your mobile number there and chose operator Mtn, Glo, Airtel, And 9mobile so you will which network you are using then select the plan you want to buy hit the continue button

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After you hit the continue button you will be ask to provide email where the receipt will be sent to after imputing the email hit buy now button chose the coin   you wish to pay with and input your transaction pin boom you have successful buy data with your crypto

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