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According to investopedia Launched in 2016, has established itself as one of the leading global crypto exchanges. It’s now available in 90 countries worldwide, and it supports over 250 cryptocurrencies.

In addition to offering a large number of supported assets, provides a vast digital asset ecosystem composed of its own blockchain, Chain; a native token called CRO; a crypto visa card; yield-generating crypto products; and more.

What stands out the most, however, is the mobile app. While many crypto exchange mobile apps provide a watered-down version of the exchange’s web-based platform, put a strong focus on building an app that offers a wide range of products and features so users can benefit from this exchange’s ecosystem on the go. Mobile app users can buy, sell, trade, and earn interest on their crypto, as well as pay with crypto.

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While offers an impressive amount of products and features, customer support is lacking, according to TrustPilot reports from former and existing users who leave poor reviews. Additionally, unless you trade at higher volumes, you will end up paying relatively high trading fees of up to 0.40%.

If you are looking for an excellent mobile crypto trading experience, is arguably the best option thanks to its range of products and features, as well as its large number of supported assets.

Is legit? is legit website operating for a while let’s check out from official twitter page is a good choice for both inexperienced and experienced cryptocurrency investors. It caters to those who are looking for a platform that supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies and features. The exchange or app may be overwhelming initially, but the user interface is easy to understand, and many features are available globally and at an affordable price. The fees for trading are competitive, though can be high when withdrawing to an external wallet from the exchange. There is a detailed knowledge base available on how features work, and there is university to teach information about various assets. The company has prioritised security, marketing and design, but there is evidence to suggest that the customer service experience is lacking.

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Keeping a diversified portfolio is always better #RT if you agree. Added #CRO to my list for #longterm Legit project (not anymore a project, its now an establishment), with excellent branding and utility!

CMC: #cryptocurrency #instantfollow Review Review Review NFT platform

The most recent addition to the exchange is the non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace. Built on the blockchain, the marketplace is offered as a standalone application. It hosts a range of NFT categories including art, sports, games, music and even NFTs owned by celebrities.

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The blockchain was developed using the Cosmos Software Development Kit (SDK) and uses Tendermint Core’s consensus engine. By utilising a proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanism, the blockchain remains scalable and secure.

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