Burnt Cake Review, Price, Contract Address

Burnt Cake is a Deflationary, Auto Rewarding Cryptocurrency created on the Binance Smart Chain Network.

Features  Of Burnt Cake

Decentralized Platform
Our token is Decentralized and community based.
Bring DeFi to the Masses
Our mission is to bring DeFi to the masses and continuously provide Value for our holders.
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Auto Rewards Mechanism
Our smart contract will auto distribute CAKE amongst our holders
Mobile dApp Under Construction
You will be able to use our dApp’s from anywhere in the world from the palm of your hand.
Our holders will earn CAKE from every Burnt Cake transaction. Automatically distributed to your wallet.
Protect our holders
Our token Burnt Cake is SAFU and we will continue to prove that through various third party audits.
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Locked Liquidity
We have decided to lock our liquidity for 10 years as this is a long term project and Burnt Cake is just the beginning.

Burnt Cake Tokenomics

10% Auto CAKE Rewards
CAKE Rewards will be auto distributed to our holders. How often will depend on how much Burnt Cake you hold & Trading Volume
2% Buy back & Burn
Burnt Cake uses buy back & burn to decrease the supply making it more valuable and scarce over time. 4% Tax For Sellers
3% Auto Locked Liquidity
Our tokenomics will continuously add liquidity raising the price floor over time. 5% Tax for Sellers
Buy Tax 15% – Sell Tax 19% Tax/Slippage
Our token will only have a 15% Tax, making it very easy for our holders to take profit if they so desire.
FAQ About Burnt Cake
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Burnt Cake is the most popular rewards token that is secure, smart and easy to buy.
10% CAKE Rewards
3% Buy Back & Burn
2% Auto Liquidity

2.How do you buy Burnt Cake?

Currently as of writing this, you cannot buy Burnt Cake because Pre Sale has not ended yet.
Once Pre Sale ends, you will be able to buy on PancakeSwap.

3.Why does the price of Burnt Cake move so much ?

Because we have a continuously rising price floor and buy back & burn.

Burnt Cake Contract Address

Contract: 0x29fa9cced410c5f62ec503019fcc8ed5b1be59fd

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